a little about me

What I can offer you as a coach

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

Free stuff

 10-minute Guided 'Reset' Meditation

Newbie or seasoned practitioner, this meditation is designed to help calm the nervous system and create awareness around managing your thoughts.

Safe and structured space

I want you to feel safe in the coaching relationship, so we’ll build an alliance and talk about how you want to communicate. You tell me what you need to feel trusted. Once established though, the boundaries of that container will be stretched and tested in an effort to explore your potential. Expect some discomfort — it is part of growth!

Unique experience

Coaching with me offers opportunity to have deep and intense conversations that we so crave as humans. By accessing our innate somatic intelligence in the body we can tap into an infinite amount of wisdom and often reach clarity and insight in unexpected ways. I offer different tools and let you decide which you want to try out.


I offer accountability in different ways, from a brief weekly email check-in to specific tasks with deadlines (aka homework). If something is just not getting done, then that is an excellent opportunity to zoom in and see what is lurking beneath and holding you back from doing what you said you wanted to do. I'm never here to judge.

Unique personality

You’re not going to find me anywhere else! My unique and zany life experiences combined with a plethora of solid professional experiences lend to my unique perspective of our universe. I offer a partnership as a way to challenge and stretch your thoughts and beliefs to find out if they are the thoughts and beliefs you really want to keep.

A (mostly ridiculous) sense of humor

My grandma, before she left us, had this chuckle that was full of mischief. She was born and raised in a totally different lifetime AND on a farm in upstate New York, but was somehow always “full of the dickens”. She passed that one to me. If you don’t like to laugh at all the things that are funny then we wouldn’t be a good fit.

Tangible and practical resources

Look. I've seen a lot, I've done even more, and I have a lot of tools and resources to share. I’m happy to leave you with as many as you can handle. My carefully curated collection of resources are available as an appendage to the sessions if you’re wanting more outside of the sessions. Hey, the more you know!

How I landed here, ready to serve you.

I used to want to pilot F14s. I’m soooo glad I changed my mind before getting locked into the air force! I started off studying civil engineering as a way to become an architect, but that first semester of classes bored the absolute shit out of me. I’ve always been really into music, so I decided to learn recording engineering. BINGO!!! I double majored with Digital Media, and have also worked as a digital media designer for 18+ years, and have been DJing for 22 years. 

I read books. all. The. time. Sometimes a few at a time, a la James Franco. I became intensely curious about the mind and how it works, and why we struggle so much as humans. I’ve experience many different forms of working with the mind (types of meditation and pranayama, EFT, Holotropic breathwork,)

I am an early adopter. I try bizarre, radical things early on just to see. I read everything neuroscience, personal development and consciousness. And I absolutely love it. 

I’m not a huge fan of buzzwords, but truthfully I have been “biohacking” since high school, (1990’s, shhhhhh!!!) using visualization techniques to perform better as a goalkeeper for soccer. I also began practicing relaxation techniques and lucid dreaming, busting open the door into something deeper and more mystical than anyone had ever told me about. 

I’ve always believed we can keep trying to be the best humans we can be.